9 of the best jigsaw puzzle accounts on Instagram

One of the great things about Instagram is the way that people can share the things that they’re passionate about. A quick search will show you just how active and vibrant the Insta puzzle community is. But with the amazing number of puzzle posts out there, it can be tricky to know who are the best puzzlers are to follow. Here’s a selection of the Insta jigsaw puzzles we think do things really well!

Karen Puzzles

Even if you’re somewhat new to the world of jigsaws, you’re sure to have heard of Karen Puzzles or seen some of her amazing time-lapse videos on YouTube. The good news is her Instagram account is just as full of great content, including plenty of tips and tricks from the puzzle master herself.

Puzzles by Nathan

If you’re looking for time-lapse and stats, you’ve come to the right place. Each post on Puzzles by Nathan features a video of the puzzle being completed, along with details of the brand, number of pieces and the exact time it took to assemble, right down to the second.


Cronicas Puzzleras

If you’re an aspiring puzzle nerd, you’re going to want to follow the Cronicas Puzzleras account. This duo not only post puzzle reviews and videos, but tips and tricks from the many puzzle competitions they take part in. Did you know their home country of Spain holds around 50 competitions each year?


Puzzle in Progress

In her own words, this puzzle nerd loves anything with detail and colour and that’s exactly what you’ll find on her account. You’ll also find regular updates, as Jesso gets through an impressive number of puzzles each month, posting progress pics along the way.


Puzzle Canopy

This Canadian jigsaw fan likes to keep things interesting, taking on the challenges of wooden puzzles, impossible puzzles and giant 24,000 piece puzzles. She’s also no stranger to a jigsaw puzzle competition or two. Look out for a few appearances from her quirky sock collection.

Jigsaw Motion

This is not your standard jigsaw puzzle Instagram. The person behind the camera is clearly a fan of puzzles, but not just putting them together. Here you’ll find extreme close-ups, stop motion animation and special effects, all featuring our favourite pastime.


Tamelephant Puzzles

This Insta is all about colour! While resident puzzler Tammie Anne explores different brands, styles and subjects, all her posts have one thing in common: they’re filled with colour. Expect plenty of progress pics, detail shots and the occasional cat.


Puzzle Storm

There must be something in the Spanish air that creates so many enthusiastic puzzlers. Here you’ll find the progress pics and time-lapse videos that any good puzzle account will offer, but Puzzle Storm also has a knack for choosing fun, colourful puzzles to assemble.


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